college diploma needed?

Hello All English Teachers in Hanoi,

After teaching English in Taiwan for many years, I’ve now come to Hanoi.  When I apply for jobs in Hanoi, some schools insist I must have my college diploma to apply for work permit.   Other teachers I talk to say “Don’t worry about it.  It’s just a list their reading from of what the government here requires.  They’ll forget about it in a week or so.”  Well, no school ever forced me having a diploma in Taiwan either.  Should I actually spend the 70 – 80 US$$ for it or forget about it.    Billy in Hanoi

Well, my two university degrees cost me a bit over $30k, so I guess if you can go and get a university education for $70 to $80 you should definitely do it!

A friend of mine had no degree either and it cost him over $1000 to a rather slippery "fixer" to get his work permit.

You'll be told "No problem, no problem!" , only to hear "PROBLEM!" shortly thereafter, so you may want to get a copy and make it a non-issue.

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