Practical info on my hobby (cutting and polishing of gem minerals)


Im new to the forum.

Im considering to live as expat in Ha Noi.
Beside my work I do some cutting and polishing of gem minerals.
It is just a hobby, not a business. I collect.

My question is. Will I be allowed to bring my polishing machine with me to Ha Noi if/when i decide to move there?
I dont find much about this type of laws and regulation.
This will be essential for me as I dont want to quit my hobby that I have much passion for.

Any advice is much appreciated.

Geir Atle

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Yes u can.

Hi, were you able to bring with you your polishing and cutting machine in Hanoi? I want to get your service my stone if you are here in Hanoi.

May I know if you are here in Hanoi? Thanks!

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