Looking for a good English speaking lawyer in Hanoi

Hey guys!

General call for help here.  I'm obviously trying to get more personal recs than can be had from the internet, but I would like give this a try as well.

I'm looking for a lawyer who can give me a second opinion on issues relating to Vietnamese nationality and property rights.  And in English if at all possible.  I'm Viet Kieu but my Vietnamese is only good for day to day family stuff - not understanding legal intricacies.  However, I can bring my cousin along to translate if necessary but would prefer not to.

Good karma points for any recs! 


Luật sư Toàn : Lemtoan[at]
His English perfectly

Hi, does anyone know a lawyer in vietnam who can get me a government letter confirming my Birth Certificate issue? or if anyone there that can assist me on getting this letter. If so please reply and email thnguyen0618[at]

Much appreciated if anyone out that can help me  on this as i do not know anyone in VN.

Thank you.

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