What is the most difficulty that you encountered in Phnom Penh?

Hi everyone,
I would like to know from your perspective about what your most difficulty that you have encountered while you live in Phnom Penh. Could you share your perspective and please do not worry about the redundancy with other people perspective.
I am looking forward to seeing any comment.
Yours sincerely,

Hands down the traffic, everything else is easy.

Traffic yes especially if you need to be on time some place ,but I'm not really one to ask , I love it here, down by the riversides, just absolutely love it , make sure when you have a specific place to be your driver knows , have phone number, huge competition for rides so everybody Tuk Tuk , moto drivers say yes ,  I know where that is , I would say if 60/40 they do know especially if it's common , but if it's not make sure you have street number and phone , so they can tell him in Khmer where you want to be , but I love it

Personally, I hate the riverside. Great fun 10-15 years ago but now there is so much traffic here too that even crossing the street is a challenge at times.

yes hell. that's how I describe the traffic . 45 min to go 9 km

Well to each their own as far as areas of Phnom Penh , I'm retired nothing to do nobody to see so I like all the action on riverside ! But traffic can be horrible in Phnom Penh , not as bad as Los Angeles , or big cities in USA , so some of these traffic complainers don't know real traffic , so look around you will find the right place for you

Thank you all for the reply...Yeah! If compared to Bangkok this traffic in Cambodia might be better....I think in the future it might be getting worst due to urbanization. So, I think the best way is to find a place that near to you working place because it might reduce your stress in the everyday life. Thank you again for the comment....I thought that most of you will complain about security or healthcare service.....

the tuktuk's and going to the largest supermarket and having to leave because of the stench of rotten meat

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