Moving to India 2017


I'm moving to India to marrh and move in with my fiancé/husband to be. Although he says I don't have to work I would like to have options just incase I get bored being home alone all day, the boredom becomes to much and to have money for our trips to visit my parents in the USA.

I am a certified educator I have 3 years of experience, 1 years being in Kuwait at a private school and I qualify to teach grades 4-8.

I am wanting to know what activities (safe for expats) are there to do near kollam or in kollam?

What school in Trivandrum can I apply to if I one day want to work again ( Trivandrum because that is where his work office is so I can catch the bus to and from with him )?

hi, are you in India? Will you be interested to work few freelance projects that we have.

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