What international schools have free space and when do they start?

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We are expats who live in South Africa and consider moving to Zambia sometime end of the year or early next year to be based in Lusaka.
I've done a quick search and found a list of international schools in Lusaka, but it seems there is a waiting list and admission is not guaranteed.
We are in British school in South Africa, I found the same in Lusaka but there is no website and couldn't find any information about them, it is also strange nowadays to find an international school with no website, do anyone probably knows any information about it?
We are English speakers and we are looking for American or British syllabus doesn't matter.
Would you please tell us how likely is it to get enrolled in any of the international schools in Lusaka?
And more importantly when the education year starts in Zambia? Because it starts in January in South Africa and ends in November, so will we be able to join if we moved by January?

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Sorry forget to say, my kids are young, they are 7 years and younger.

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