Homeschooling in Lusaka

Hi There,
My husband and I are researching the possibility of a move to Zambia with our two young children.
My husband is South African and although I am a South African citizen, I am Zambian born.
My question has to do with homeschooling. We are presently homeschooling our two children in South Africa and would like to continue to do so.
I would like to find out if there are any legal or procedural requirements in order to be allowed to homeschool in Zambia.
Do you need to register with anyone, such as the Department of Education?
Are there annual assessments?
Is the Zambian government comfortable with a variety of curricula?
Thanking you in advance,


There is a homeschool academy in Lusaka that helps parents all over the country to homeschool. You can visit their website at or find them on Facebook

You can also call Eunice on +26 0977 803 159 to find out more. She is from South Africa and runs the academy.

Hope this helps!

Hi I was wondering if you guys do homeschooling for grade 10? Cambridge

Good Day. for a family off south africa what will be the best schooling system and what do you think off homeschooling.

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