Work Permit in Zambia

Hello to all

I recently had the information that the new government has made it harder to obtain a work permit. Others have told me that it has stopped completely to issue such licenses. My question is how true this information is.
Anyone who has access to valid information from Zambia please respond

Thank you all in advance !!!


Dear Friends,

I am also having same question.

I have signed my contract one month before & they applied my work permit application in Zambian immigration. Till i don’t get any reply from them.

I am eagerly waiting for your comment in this matter.

Thanks & Regards,

Chennai - India

it is true that permits can be quite a performance. However if your company and employer are really determined to have you in Zambia you will eventually get it. Mine took two months

You can het a work permit as long You submit all required documents

did you got your visa Mr george and Siva kumar.,,., my permit is applied on jue 15th which got rejected and recenly they have appealed still there is no updates just waiting and no respose .,. i have worked in many countries in africa never faced any issues as such

No my friend I did NOT take the work permit in Zambia . It all has to do with the firm and whether they can justify the need of you working there or not .


my work permit was also denied in last week of June. And my company reapplied for me. But no response till now.

Did you reapply by yourself? How long does reapplication take, like to reapply any other documents that you submitted?

I was just told that we have reapplied, but not sure in the first week of July or later by my company.

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