Will it be a problem if we haven't seen each other face to face ?

Hellow everyone my name is hayfa am 21 yrs and i live in Nairobi kenya am planning to go visit my boyfriend  for three month  who lives in Norway we have been dating for 6 month now and we have not seen each other yet becouse his always working he has not got a chance to come visit me yet we are planning i go to visit him soon in am asking could the fact that we havent seen each other face to face bring a problem when he invites me or is it okay

Please help me am worried that they will not allow me to visit him becouse we havent seen each other

There is a very low chance of getting approved with visa if the two of you have not met in person yet. It is really important that he visit you first.

In some cases it is possible if he has special conditions that will not allow him to travel, for example is health conditions that are not suitable for travelling by plane. Of course this needs to have proof through medical certificates.

Owky thank you stephy for your answer i was also kind of wondering is it possible to change visit visa to student visa??

If its students visa then you hve to fulfill the criteria and if they find found your reason is not study then it will affect your future applications

@nadkiz007 so its possible to school there even after i came with a visit visa to Norway?

Im afraid no.if u r coming for visit there r 2options visit friend or tourist.student visa is seperate.its always advisable that we stick to our purpose.if u cn arrange ur bf to visit u its better

It might be possible but you should have a proof that you have secured/been accepted for a place in a school/university that is recognized by udi as basis for student visa.

But to be sure you can inquire about it once you are here. Keep in mind there is no assurance that you will be allowed.

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