Hello I am Ziad

Hi , I'm Ziad , actually I live in Ivory Coast Africa , unfortunatly my father is very sick and he works here in riyad so that's why I'm in Saudi Arabia , my stay is long until he get well inchallah .

And why are you writing to me?

Hello and welcome on board Ziad :cheers:

Hope your father get well soon. :cheers:

Is it the first time you are visiting Riyadh?


Thank you.  Actually it's my second time !

Hello Ziad :cheers:

So you know Riyadh a bit if its your second time! :D

Feel free to share with others on the Riyadh forum if you find topics you can help :top:

Anyways, how did you hear about and what brings you here please? If you have a particular question do not hesitate to create a new topic to ask for members guidance.



I hope for your father a speedy recovery, and anything I'm at my friend Service

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