color copy of Saudi driving license swapped with Omani driving license

Hi All,

i have  submitted my original license to my previous Saudi employer and have color copy of my valid saudi driving license .can i swap  color copy of my saudi driving license with omani driving license?or is it mandatory to have original driving license?

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Hi shekharnewexpat2014,

Do you think you'll be allowed to travel internationally, carrying a colour photocopy of your passport, instead of the original book ? Just asking !

@sumitran .........Thanks for the reply

Ofcourse no, but don't you think passport and driving license are two different things........since saudi comes in GCC countries , and GCC countries  can check records with reference to the driving license (DL) no. and know their DL validity and genuinity .........
Secondly my friend from bahrain got job in Saudi ,and he got the saudi driving license on the basis of bahrain driving license copy........

so wanted to know if it is possible? (if we attest the original copy from saudi embassy in oman )..........

Hi shekharnewexpat2014,

Well, not to dishearten you any further, all I want to say to you now is, try your luck with the Royal Oman Police (ROP). See if they're as considerate as the Saudis are.

Good luck.

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