job in Istanbul

Hello, I am 25 y.o. originally from Azerbaijan. Currently in Baku.  I am looking for a job in Istanbul in a tourism, logisticis industry. 
thank you in advance.

Hi Farida,

Do u have a CV?


Yes, I have.

I pm ed you because i can not share personel information here.

thanks a lot, i have send

Hello everyone,

just to inform you that if you are either looking for or proposing a job, you have to drop an advert in the Jobs in Istanbul section of the website.

All the best,

Thanks Bhavna for the info.

Are you in Baku ,Now ? In summers,I am busy with  tourism in Alanya not in istanbul....Nowadays , I am in istanbul ..

I will be in Istanbul in 10 days and I will be ready for meetings

Okay, 10 days later .When you are ready for meetings, I will be ready,too..I know a Lady from Bakü who lives in istanbul since the last 15 years, maybe ,she and I find a solution of your problem ,together after you arrive

Thank you very much, Mr. Ertug! Can you give me your email address?

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