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I AM IN EXPRESS VISA AND MY VISA IS GOING TO EXPIRE IN 10 DAYS.My company is trying to get the working visa for the last 1 month but it is hanging.I just want to know after date expiry of express visa I have to exit onab and back to India or exit to Dubai and again come back to oman in express visa.From 9th sept 2016 ,did holiday is coming so I think all govt office close that time and my visa also will hang. Please comment.

Can ANY one reply to me

Hi sweta10031980,

As per Oman new visa rule, You can't get entry visa again as soon as you exit from Oman. You have to wait for 2 or 3 weeks to apply again for an entry visa. Meanwhile, if you get work visa then you can travel with the work visa.

Important notice : Don't overstay with your entry visa which will keep you in blocklist for 25 months.


Thanks for your reply


HI Muthu

Just one question.any how I have to exit from oman right.When My express visa will expire,that Time can I enter UAE with visa and meanwhile my oman working visa come ,I will enter with my working visa again to oman instead of going back to India.please comment

Hi Swetha,

Yes you can do this if you have valid UAE visa. Good Luck.

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