Can I. Get Child support from Brasilian father living in Brasil?

Hi, I live in the untied states. My son's father is Brasilian and living m Brasil. He has never paid child support. How do I go about getting back child support from this man who now is a very important man in Brazil And very capable of paying what he owes me and my son.  It kills me to watch him live like a king and paying for everything for his other children yet does nothing for my son.
Can I get an order ageist him here so I when he enters the country they can go after him?

I don't see why not.

First, can you prove that he is the father?

Has he assumed responsibility to you of the child?

Was the child registered on his birth certificate with him as a father?

Where was the child born and and how old is he?

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get a brazilian lawyer
get a dna test
sue him
child support legislation is one of the few things that actualy work in Brazil

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