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hello everyone!!
                           i am going to apply for a VITUR visa from india.i am going to marry my brazilian fiance after reaching brazil on tourist visa and apply for permanent residence.i came to know that for VITUR the embassy in my country generally asks for a INVITATION LETTER  from friends in brazil in which they(friends) declare their responsibility for my stay in can anybody provide me a sample of such invitation letter,since my fiance is not able to find out the correct format of the letter.
             please can anybody help?also you can send a scanned copy to my mail id if possible.


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She have to make an invition letter by her own in simple paper and then put the stamps from cartorio to aunthentication and thats it this is about my knowledge how much i kmow

Basically what needs to be stated in the Letter of Invitation is the following:

I (she)... FULL NAME, NATIONALITY, MARITAL STATUS AND PROFESSION, holder of RG. No. ------ , resident and domiciled at FULL ADDRESS, BAIRRO, CITY, STATE CEP (POSTAL CODE) ....... Invite (you) FULL NAME, NATIONALITY, MARITAL STATUS AND PROFESSION, holder of passport No. ______, valid until ________issued by INDIA to visit in Brazil.

I DECLARE that I will accept financial responsibility for my guest for the entire duration of his stay in Brazil, and that I will guarantee that he will leave the country at the end of his entitled stay in Brazil.

That further, during his stay in Brazil, he will be residing at FULL ADDRESS, BAIRRO, CITY, STATE, CEP, and that I will also accept financial responsibility for the cost of his accommodations should he be unable to pay for same.

Signed at CITY, STATE on DATE        her normal signature on the signature line and in BLOCK (UPPER CASE) LETTERS directly below her signature.

This letter should then be taken to th Cartório and have her signature authenticated (Reconhecimento da firma). The letter should be written in Portuguese.

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Hello Mr.James.
                       Thank you for above.
                        Could you kindly tell me,....My girlfriend is not financially sound.she works in a restaurant for 15000 reals per  question is ,as she has to state her profession in invitation letter.,will the embassy accept her responsibility for me financially.But in no case she has to pay for me for nothing.I will be showing enough funds with me in my account during the interview.
       Will there be any background checks for her declaration back in brazil to confirm her address and other info from the invitation letter.

It is not likely that they'll do much checking, they're just interested in the fact that you've been invited and someone has committed themselves to be responible for you.

James    Expat-blog Experts Team

Hello Sir(Mr. James),
Can you please clarify??????
This letter should then be taken to th Cartório
signature authenticated (Reconhecimento da firma)
what does it mean?
Do you mean that she has to go to the registry office to authenticate that?????
Please Help.....

Reconhecimento da firma is the Portuguese term for NOTARIZED. Yes, it must be notarized in the Cartório. Here there are two types of notarization as in many countries (for likeness or for authenticity). This letter should have Reconhecimento da firma por autenticidade. The writer must personally attend the Cartório, with documents of identifcation, register their signature there if it is not already on file, and sign the registry of the document notarized.

James     Expat-blog Experts Team

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It is quite likely that you wouldn't get a visa at all, certainly not one that would allow you enough time in order to get through the marriage process in Brazil which takes anywhere from 30 to 45 days even if all of the documents are ready and there are no errors.

It will be far easier for you to have your girlfriend come to Pakistan and you get married there. Once married you can register the marriage and apply for a VIPER Permanent Visa through the Consulado-Geral do Brasil in Islamabad.

James    Expat-blog Experts Team.

Hello Mr.James.
sir, i have convinced and arranged for my girlfriend to visit india on oct 4th she is on her way to india.she is finally coming to india for marrying me.
could you please tell me the process for getting married to a brazilian in india ,and what all needed to submit in brazil consulate after marriage for applying brazil VIPER on base of marriage.
i have decided to bring her to india instead of me going to brazil for marriage,according to your valuable ,i kindly request you to guide me with the process of marriage and registering of marriage in brazil consulate in india.
Thank you very much .

I can't tell you what is required in order to marry in India, that you need to find out from the local authorities who perform marriages there.

Regarding registering a foreign marriage with the Consulado-Geral do Brasil see the following topic thread:

Note that registration can only be done by the Brazilian spouse, and the marriage must be registered at the Consulado-Geral (in your case Mumbai or New Delhi, whichever has jurisdiction over your city) AND ALSO must be registered again here in Brazil at the 1º Oficio do Cartório de Registro Civil in the state capital of the state you'll reside in or in Brasília - DF (whichever you choose).

James    Expat-blog Experts Team

mr james i wanba ask you about invitation letter.but still i am living in north cyprus and here brazalian embassy is not located.she sent me letter after completion process of notary james would you like to tell ms the next process .what i have to do .and dont have concept about bankstatemt that i will shown.i have heared from my friends .ho told me if someone send a invitation letter where he /she send letter to that country and embassy might be located there.then you dont need to attest the just purchases the tickets and flew  away

When I applied an email was sent by my girlfriend now wife stating that she was inviting me to visit her and she would be financially responsible for me. She sent it to the Brazilian consulate.  Be advised James is deceased some time ago.


hello mr jim how long it take an Invitation frome brazil ??

I don`t think there was any delay.  The letter stated that she would be financially responsible for me.


Hello. I'm a Nigeria, I am planning to travel to Brazil on a tourist visa but I don't have anyone to write a letter of invitation. What can I do?

Hello, I am a Nigerian, I wish to come to Brazil on a tourist visa but I don't have anyone to help me out with the letter of invitation. What can I do?

If you can show you have enough assets to support your stay  I don't think you need a letter.


Ok thanks.

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