Need violin repair and a new guitar.

Hi guys. I just moved to Budapest. I was restringing my violin and one string snapped, I need a new one but I don't know where to go. I also want to buy a guitar, but I don't have a large budget for it. Any place(s) I could go?

I will ask Mrs Fluffy about the violin repairs.  We had our daughter's violin repaired recently.  Guitars are everywhere. Electric or Acoustic?  You can even buy them in Aldi supermarkets.

p.s. BTW, rather strangely, there's a more professional looking guitar place in the Kika furniture shop exit lobby in Budaors shopping area.  Kika is next to Tesco.   You'd need to take the bus to get out there (probably too expensive to get a taxi).  There's not a great selection but they do have guitars.  Don't know why Kika's exit hall.  Seems out of place.

Here you are:

Violin Repairs

Speaks English too!

If you're looking for an acoustic one, Eldorado ( … l/oldal:11) near the Nyugati railway station has lots of them on display.

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