Anyone in Bangalore ?

Hi.....guys how u doing??????????expats how u feel to be in bangalore?????????please write us...

Bengaluru is awesome
the weather  :kiss:
still looking to explore more ,but time spent in the various libraries is also well spent so no regrets !
hate the traffic and the brash unsafe driving though
that much until now from an expatian

wonder how the other expats are doing
leave ur reviews all you bang expats

Thanks for writing sansag :)

Its true that bangalore is gifted with greenery and awesome weather,
The only bad thing is traffic and rush,its beacuse of the Big IT Hub and lot of people all over attracted to the city for various business,we can't help it but just enjoy as much as you can and we will hope bangalore becomes better in future rather than bitter :top: .

yeah bang is fabulous
attracts everyone there
the city will remain awesome
the people in bang are also really nice and decent
feels safe there
unlike the capital or kolkota
hope it remains the same
i just hate the job pay scale there
I'm new and job shopping lol
its different here than compared to other places

absolutely....same case here...

prashanth10590 :

absolutely....same case pm has blocked i cant message u yar...u try to send any contact if possible

Hello, please do not invite others to post any contact information on the forum, as it is prohibited for security reasons.

I'd recommend referring to the India Forum Code of Conduct, especially if your PM system has been blocked due to spamming others.

After you post some contributive and useful posts on the forum, your PM will be unlocked accordingly by the system. :)

Romaniac Experts Team

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