badly needed a filipino friends in bangalore

Hi, I'm Charina from Cebu City, Philippines
I would like to meet and make friends to a filipinos staying in bangalore and around india.
I am married to an indian national and leaving here in bangalore for 4 years already

hi friend how r u

Hi Charina and Dhanasingh,

Welcome to :)

Have a nice day,

Hasnaa Team

hi ,, my name is sarthak agarwal and i married to filipino , she is already in india ,,, plz contact me ,, and you can then meet my wife here , she will also feel happy to meet you ,, (Moderated: Please avoid leaving your contact details on the forum for security reasons) add me on whatsapp ,,, and i would like to ask you some information which can us alot ,,, regarding visa and passport ,, plz contact ,, God bless you :)

Hi All,

I am not a filipino but i stayed in makati for 1 year

I am happy to have filipino friends :)


Hi Charina, Hope you will find filipinos here. All the Best.

Search for  Filipino Community India you will find many Filipino's I'm from Kolkatta :)

hi charina,

taga cebu pud ko, naa ko ron sa kolkata, west bengal, daghan man mga pinoy/pinay diha sa bangalore, kung naa ka facebook try ug search ang filipinos in india community..


hi , my name is sarthak my wife is filipino and at present she is with me and my family ,, she will also happy to meet you and make filipino friends,,

give us your contact details  so we can contact

my contact is sarthak05agarwal86[at]
9368751390 whatsapp

Try to search the Samahan ng Pilipino sa Tamil Nadu.

may mga 30-30 pinoy na member dito.

Hi All,

Can you please post only in english on the english-speaking forum for the members to understand and participate?

Thank you,


Hi Charina,
I once used to work with PAL and I speak Tagalog. I met a couple of Filipinos in Bangalore and we are planning a Kabayaan meet up soon . I will post the same on this forum whenever we finalize the date.


helloo from cebu city ...would love to meet fellow filipino here in here in kolkata...hope i can meet my fellow kababayans here...

I want to meet and be friend of those filipinas who are now leaving in india.

HI ....

This is Yatin Lad.. from this blog i came across ur name and Nationality... Just to inform u that, i am going to marry a Filipino girl, who will be coming to India for good... Hence just wanna know any Filipino Nationals staying in India ...and possibly can help me out in addressing few issues regarding X-visa and POI applications..

If u read this , request you to kindly reply on the will be of a great help..... 

Yatin :)

Hi Yatin,

You can contact the Philippine Embassy in Mumbai on this below address and get the information.
Philippine Honorary Consulates General

MRS. RAJASHREE BIRLA - Consul General Ad Honorem
1st floor, Industry House
159 Churchgate Reclamation, Mumbai 400021
Tel: (+91 22) 2202-4792/2202-0375
Fax: (+91 22) 2281-4103
Office Hours for Submission of Visa: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Monday to Friday
Collection of Visas on the 3rd working day between 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

[Moderated: Wrong language.]

hi nylan...................jeril here from bangalore...............i am actually looking out for pinoy friends in bangalore because i love to know you guys more, love your culture and many more and hoping ot know you and haoping a reply from you too :) have a great time in india(bangalore) :)

Its Manish from Bangalore. I am from basically from Nainital which is north part of India. I hope everybody is enjoying Bangalore. Feel free to contact me at ermanish2006[at] in case of any need.

i am a filipino expat currently outstationed here in bangalore india

hi nylan, ia am a filipino expat also looking for pinoys here in bangalore india

hello yatin sorry for late replying ,, add me on my whatsapp +91 9368751390 there we can talk and give you best details as my knowledge ,, thanks

Hi there,

Are you still in India ?

Wish to have a chat with you.

Looking forward to hear from you.



I have received a job contract employment letter from a Philippines Company. Can anyone tell me if they can apply for the AEP while i am still in India ?


I am in Bangalore at the moment and will be in Manila in the month of September to open a branch office for my company. I am well connected in the Phil , Please PM your contact details, We can meet up.


hptsingh79 :


I have received a job contract employment letter from a Philippines Company. Can anyone tell me if they can apply for the AEP while i am still in India ?

Hi where are you in bangalore ?

I am currently in Manila to set up my branch  office and will be back in Bangalore on 20th Sep. I stay in the Wilson Garden area


Hi Ramprasath
I have known a lot of Indians marrying Filipinas in the Gulf. There is no problem as long as both of them are living out of their country. But if she has to live in India and you have to live in the Phil then it is a big challenge. It is all up to you and her as to how much you both are willing to adjust.
All the best

claire_korn :

helloo from cebu city ...would love to meet fellow filipino here in here in kolkata...hope i can meet my fellow kababayans here...

Hey claire, are you still in India? Pauwawi here from Manila :)

Hi!  This is tyra from Philippines and im currently staying here in bangalore. I wanna know if there are filipinos like me staying here as well...wanna see you guys... my fellow kababayan...

Hi claire! Malayo ba ang kolkata sa bangalore?


You are posting in an Anglophone forum, would you kindly post in ENGLISH ONLY here out of consideration for all our other members.

Thankyou for your cooperation.

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HI Claire,

Yes I am already in India. But I think I am far from you I am now in Ahmedabad

Lets arrange a meet up of Filipinos net month somewhere in the city centre of Bangalore. If we have a minimum of 8 Kabayaans then we can go ahead.
One more good news is that I opened my travel agency branch office in Makati Manila last month.


Hi Charina, how are you? Am Gemvi from Chennai. I do visit Bangalore every now and then. I am from the Philippines and i live here in Chennai for quite sometime. I didn't see your message earlier. We could interact with each other whenever you find the time. By the way, what are you doing? Are you a homemaker?


Where in Makati is your new travel agency located? Do you do inbound / outbound tours as well? I was once a Tour Coordinator when i was in the Philippines.

Hello Tyra, which part of Bangalore are you staying? Am Gemvi from the Philippines and living here in India.


Hi am Pilipino want to meet pilipinos here Banglore

Hi tyra am Lilian Pilipino staying in banglore which place u stay  here in banglore me here indiranagar.. Can we meet u can giv ur number to me ..

hi....ask lng..ang bangalore ug hyderabad lau rana

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