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Updated 2020-06-04 12:16

Pondicherry is one of the most developed cities in the state of Tamil Nadu. Stretching over some 19,46 km² in Southeast India, it offers a unique historical background, cultural heritage and serene environment. Over the years the city has attracted people from different origins, especially French. Hence, the total population of the city also includes expatriates in good numbers. If you are moving there, finding accommodation in Pondicherry should not be too much of a challenge.

Pondicherry's neighbourhoods

The city is divided into zones including residential and commercial neighbourhoods. There are mainly two distinct sections that define the city's layout; the French Quarter and the Indian quarter.

Each of these quarters are distinct in their style. The French quarter has buildings in the French colonial style, with long compounds and high walls. It is an upscale area with big houses and villas near the sea. The best part of the area is that you will find bountiful green spaces, gardens and parks that add a touch of freshness to the surroundings and hence this quarter is very popular amongst the expatriates.

The Indian quarter is completely different. It has houses with contrasting designs and the houses are lined with verandas and big doors and grilles. The area is bustling with activity. The place is mainly served by traditional means of transport, including the rickshaw.

The city centre has a huge market place where you can find almost anything you can think of. The area also has a range of shops, libraries, jewellers, merchant streets and modern coffee shops and restaurants.

Further, the city boasts of mixed culture with the presence of different faiths people residing in the city. There are Muslim, Tamil, Christian and Hindu Quarters that are populated by Indians who have come from other parts of the country.

Types of accommodation in Pondicherry

The rental market in Pondicherry is not as diverse as in other major cities. However, you are most likely to find something worthwhile for your stay. There are different types of accommodations available.

Apart from the colonial-type houses in the French Quarter, there are also some modern houses, apartments and villas in the other parts of the city.

Rent prices in Pondicherry

Rent prices vary depending upon the factors like location, size, availability of facilities etc.. However, the rentals in Pondicherry are generally more affordable compared to many other cities. A single-bedroom apartment may be available to rent for an average of INR 5000 to INR 7000 per month. For a three-bedroom apartment, you will need an average of INR 13,000 to INR 15,000 per month in the city-centre. Villas are usually centrally located, and prices vary between INR 30,000- 40,000.

Prices are higher for the houses located in the centre of the city. For a more reasonable budget, you can look into options on the outskirts of or few kilometres away from the city.

Searching for accommodation in Pondicherry

You are unlikely to find real estate agencies in Pondicherry. So, you can start your search for housing on the internet. Word-of-mouth can also help if you have friends or contacts in the city. In fact, you are likely to have more chances of finding accommodation as per your criteria and budget this way.

However, do not expect the houses to meet European or US standards, especially when it comes to the kitchen, bathroom and toilets. It is always better to carefully check the premises before signing the lease document as some repair works could be required, depending on the age of the house.

Your search may take some time. Once you finalise a home you may be asked to provide a security deposit which is generally equal to six months rent, to the owner when signing lease documents.

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