anyone like to go out and play billiard?

Find friend for play billiard in Da Lat city ;)


Rekha Thakur :




There may be banned topics but I don't think this is one.

Me too. I wonder if she don't like my topic, why she don't leave this topic?

Rekha's bio says "I am self implode." so maybe she just imploded.  Sorry, but that was just too easy.   :joking:

Thanks Thig!

..for helping me with my (too often?) cryptic & cynical comments: Master!     :thanks:

Hindi is one of the oldest languages, but...

..I'm definitely interested to explore the newest country of combodya...!!!

As for too easy..?   Nah.   Got a giggle outa me!   

..but then, I never see levity as being off-topic...

My sadness is too real?

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