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Hello, I am Damaris Moronge from Kenya. I wish to live and reside in Denmark come 2017. I just finished college with a bachelor in law. I'm wondering if I can find a job in the country and what the process for applying a visa would be in case I decide to move there,
Kindly help.

Sorry, but I cannot see how it should be possible for you to find a job in Denmark.

You haven't a master's degree. The unemployment rate for newly educated masters (law) was 26 % a year ago (last year's figures).
Your knowledge isn't within the Danish law system.
You probably not speak Danish.
The Green Card Scheme is discontinued this summer. The Green Card Scheme was discontinued because most of the holders couldn't find a qualified job here, but worked within cleaning and hotel until they had to leave the country because they couldn't meet the income requiries.

You find the current rules here for expats here:


I am afraid that my answer sounded a little bit unfriendly. It wasn't my intention, and I hope you didn't understand it this way.


Thanks  a lot, I appreciate your concerns and for keeping in touch.

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