Cost of living questions? 45k /month in Khobar


I've got my KSA work visa sorted last week and travelling by myself mid next month from UK. Family will join later after issuance of my Iqama and family visas or probably by mid next year from new academic year if we'll be put waiting list by preferred school.

I am wondering how good is 45k/month package to live in Khobar. My package include 32k basic+ 9k housing + 4k transport. Yearly tickets i.e 40K lump sum , child education and health insurance are in addition.

Now question is, with this amount will be able to get mediocre compound accommodation for a family of 4?? Adverts I've seen online for compounds in Khobar are way too expensive i.e. 150K+/annum. Am I missing something or not looking at right place?


There are two capital expenditures living in KSA:

1- Living in a compound: Keep in mind a ballpark estimate number of 100K+ annual (min) for a family of 4.
2- Kids education: You are getting the allowance but check out how much it is and how much you have to top up to meet the needed standards,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Ok, so my estimations of 70k~80k on compound accommodation was wrong. How about bachelors accommodation in a compound, if I've to live by myself for an year? Is it worth or I'll be better off renting studio/1 bed flat outside? I personally do not see any benefit of living in a compound whilst my family will still be in the UK.

On kids education, employer is offering 25k/child, if 25k does not cover the fee than employer will pay 80% and I've to top up 20%.

See, I always give this piece of advice to everyone planning to come to KSA: "Based on your vision, come with a plan. Set focus on setting and accomplishing your targets (financial and others)".

70k must be the minimum budget for a bachelor compound. I live in Riyadh and so are my insights about costs. Someone from Khobar can advise better. I agree with you: If you have to live alone, I don't see any good benefits in living in a compound. An outside accommodation in an independent studio won't cost more than 25-35K.

25K isn't really enough to cover good schooling.

Thanks again,

You are correct, one must have both tactical and strategic plans.

I am flexible and very much inclined to (with wife's agreement) leave my family here for a year and assess on ground situation after my arrival. I believe it will benefit us in the long run.

For future, I definitely have to raise my budget for accommodation.

I agree 25k on schooling is not enough, but as I said, employer will by paying 80%; I do not see it being an issue i.e. paying 15k annually from my pocket, considering our youngest is just 1 year. But, it's also year ahead.

What job is hitting you without the option of a compound accommodation? As the other gentleman starred twenty five isn't enough and remember that the British Grammar school has a one to two year waiting list for some years. So planning ahead is definitely on the cards for you.
I've been here over two decades in the Kingdom with one and a half in Al Khobar so plan well my friend.
Tall with your employees and see what they can offer you, if they tell you you're on your own then come back and I'll give you some help.
All the best

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Hi, my husband is traveling to KSA end of October from the UK and we have similar questions. I'm hoping the children would attend BISAK but again defends where we will live.

Hope you find the answers to your questions and maybe you can share your experiences and findings

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