Is my salary a good one? SAR 15 000 for family of 4?

Dear Friends, I have got an offer SAR 15,000pm inclusive of all from a company. I want to come with wife and 2 kids.

Is this a good salary for a indian family or should I ask base salary plus add ons ?

What are the major cost that I should ask company to cover ?

Housing rate  cost  lets say for a  good  apartment between 1800 to 2500 per month   but mybe you can find cheaper school btween 14000 to 30000 for 2 kids  mybe higher per year
Cost of food and entertainment 1500 to 3000

I'm trying to be responsible as much as I can  so don't consider it as a fact
But  you need a second opinion  for sure

Take the offer and don't hesitate at all 
Good luck  :top:

the employee salary should not be less than 20000

Thanks mate

Hi my friend,

This salary will cover you in Khobar


Medical insurance for full family is covered within this or company will separately give.
Because medical insurance is very important here and also class A should be required

You can manage well with the said salary. people are managing in 7000-9000 SAR, and you can rely on noures estimations.


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