American living in Santa Marta

How many American expats are living in the Santa Marta area?  Happy?  Comments?

Hi there,
My husband and I moved to Colombia from Washington State over a year ago. In Feb. we bought a house in Rodadero, Santa Marta and love it!. Our Spanish is poor but getting better everyday. We have great health insurance, a fantastic vet  and I can't say enough about the wonderful people.

Hi to you,  too. .
I totally agree, Santa Marta is magic!!
My wife and I moved to Bogotá several years ago from Florida. As lovely as Bogtá was, we missed the sea and warm weather. We often shop in Rodadero and enjoy a restaurant there, "Di Vino" have you tried it?

Buenos dias!
No we havent tried Di Vinos yet, but Im looking forward to it. Love Ouzos in Santa Marta. They are so  many great resturants  here its going to take a while to check them all out! We love the "small town" feeling here. The people are so warm and friendly. Unfortunatly, I broke my foot and the cast makes it difficult to get around. When Im up and about we should all get together. We'd love to hear you experiences and suggestions on putting down roots.

Wow, sorry to hear about your foot, that can be painful!  On that subject, have you found a doctor or medical group you can recommend?  My last experience was at the Perfect Body Clinic,  for an ear infection . I was pleased but always open to new recommendations.
Yes, OUZO is fantastic and you are right, Santa Marta  has many beautiful restaurants to enjoy.
  Here's hoping you feel better soon and we have an opportunity to meet up!

I dont have an actual Dr. here still trying to figure that out. I dont know what private insurance you have but we have ColSanitas and couldnt be happier. We went to the Clinica Mar Caribe for my foot. Because of our insurance we were seen right away and in a different part of the hospital. The urgencias Dr. was great. After the x rays and pain shot ( the nurse stayed me the entire time) they brought in a specialist to cast me. I go back Wednesday for a check up. Back to the "other" urgencias room and they'll take me to the specialist for examination.
I noticed there was a large room for consultations that I think we go to for regular stuff. Except for the broken foot I had a great experience. Fabulous Drs. and staff. Very caring and professional.
Do you have private insurance? Does the medical  here work like in the states that you have a regular  Dr. you go to? Im under the impression that whatever we need we just show up. I really dont know.
I do know this. I want to show the medical staff ( and every person we meet) the respect they deserve. I know that with our vet. I've made appointments but sometimes he's late showing up ( no big deal) and sometimes I've just shown up.
Any suggestions?


Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am with Allianz and have been very pleased, as well.

I have found the medical community to be professional and friendly also. I have been
to the Perfect Body (as I mentioned)  and another clinic, but can't remember the name. It is in front of
the Prado Shopping Center in Santa Marta. No, don't have a regular doctor but would
like to find one, for regular visits. . . .preventative medicine, that sort of thing.

Glad to hear you are doing well with your foot. And, again, Thanks for your reply!

Do you know of any English speaking hairdressers in Santa Marta? My Spanish is improving everyday but i still make mistakes

Can you tell me anything about the fishing in Santa Marta please? I really like living here in a nice barrio of Rionegro but haven't seen any fishing...not even a fish except in stores. Actually, I've seen very little wildlife. Couple squirrels. I was told it's because of the elevation?

I have not been fishing in Santa Marta, however there are many local fishermen, and fresh fish.
Friends have told me offshore fishing charters can be arranged. Hope this helps.

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