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I am looking for a retirement career as a Security Manager in Jamaica or as American Liaison for guests. Any device you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


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Could you please create your cv in the Jobs in Jamaica section of the website ?

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The security personnel in Jamaica are regulated by the PSRA (Private Security Regulation Authority) with it's head office on the Kingston Waterfront. You would be best to check out the website, and / or contact them for further information.

The Jamaican Yellow Pages has a list of Security Firms operating in Jamaica. You could use this resource to contact some of the established firms to seek employment. Some of the biggest firms in Jamaica are:


Two points of wisdom...

1) Jamaica does not have high wages for security personnel, despite being on the 'front line' when things go wrong. The average wage for a 6 days x a 12 hour shift is approximately JA$11,000. A manager would get more, but don't expect to have much to 'retire' on if this is to be your main source of funds for your retirement. Many firms pay below the national average in a bid to gain contracts from their rivals.

2) Whilst Jamaica is a 'paradise' island to live on, security personnel have to defend other people's property in somewhat 'difficult' circumstances. The average wage in Jamaica is very low compared to other places in the Caribbean, much less the UK, Canada or USA, and the unemployment rate is high. Therefore, the crime rate is somewhat high in certain places. There are considerable risks involved in taking up this career in Jamaica.

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