Looking for a job in Jamaica

Hello everybody,

I'm looking for a job in Jamaica (Project management, communication)
Comming to Jamaica the first 2 weeks of November, if you are interesting or have any contact who could be interessed in my profile do not hesitate.

I'm very motivated and I think it is much better to meet than to exchange by email.


Hello Sandra,
Bonjour Sandra ,
Si vous voulez vous installer en Jamaïque et trouver un job vous devez faire des recherches  dans l'annuaire professionnel et contacter les entreprises ou alors vous pouvez aussi monter votre propre business dans se cas voyez avec Jampro ,ils ont un bureau a Londres , Lorsque vous etes sur d'avoir un emploi vous devrez faire une demande de permit de travail , le cout d'un permit de travail pour une duree de un an est de 1500 usd . Quelle ville  de la jamaique  venez vous en vacances . Si vous venez a Negril nous pouvons nous rencontrer .
If you want to install in Jamaica and get a job you need to do research in business and contact businesses or you can also set up your own business is in cases with Jampro see, they have a office in London, when you 're about to have a job you need to apply for a work permit, the cost of a work permit for a period of one year is 1500 usd. Which city of jamaica you come on vacation. If you come to Negril we can meet.

Hello NickytaNegril,

Please post in English only on the Anglophone section of the Jamaica forum, for members to read and participate on the thread. ;)


Hi Sandra,

Please feel free to post and advert in the Project manager in Jamaica section, this might surely help. Thank you! :)




J'atterirai à Kingston mais viens vraiment pour rencontrer du monde pour trouver un travail donc je peux tout à fait me déplacer à Negril.
Vous travaillez à Negril?



Merci David, je vais aller voir ça et poster une annonce


Hi Sandra,

Please post in English only on the Anglophone section of the Jamaica forum, for English speaking members can read and participate.

I suggest you to participate on the francophone section of the  Forum Jamaïque, where you might write in french. ;)

Thank you,


I am a Zimbabwean who has seven years experience as a policeman. I hold a commercial driving licence( class 2) and I would like to find a job either as a truck driver or security officer. Anyone with useful tips get in touch through my mailbox; charleswasiya[at]gmail.com

Hi charles wasiya and welcome to Expat.com :)

It would be best if you could post an advert in the section jobs in Jamaica which is most appropriate for your search.

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looking for job in interior works, supervisor or project manager, like to come on visit visa if anyone wants to help me, please reply.

looking for a job in finance , hospitality sector

Hi everyone,

@rjag and @venki sssp, please note that this thread is quite old (2013). I strongly suggest you to create your resume under the appropriate section of the website :
- Jobs in Jamaica

Make sure to provide sufficient details regarding your employment history, competence, educational background and of course a bit of yourself. This will help you to gain a better exposure in the process of securing a suitable position.

Good luck


thanks for your information

Hi all,
well, considering that the main poster listed Paris as their main location, I don't have a problem with the French posts.  The last time I checked, French was the national language.

Sandra, try the Gleaner website. It's JA's newspaper:


Hope this helps,

Can someone please translate the French posts for the majority of us who don’t speak or read French.
My main location for 9 years was Germany, the national language there is German. That said, all I can say is “Hello, can I have a small/large beer please, thank you”.

Hi ScottEee,

Well actually the french comment posted here is an error since we are on the anglophone version of the forum (see flag at the top right corner). It is required to write only in english in this section.

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Thanks Bhavna I understand. It would be nice of them to post the same again in English so we can benefit from their response.

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