Suggested banks for non-resident English speaker?

I used to be with Nordea, worked okay, but they sold to PKO bank and I have not had good luck with them.  I do not live in Poland and unfortunately do not know Polish.

Any suggestions for a different bank? 

I would like to know that the bank has a basic English website.  And I'll need help in English to establish an account and transfer funds from PKO.  Otherwise, my banking needs are simple.

Thanks, Anooos!  Their English website looks very good indeed.

Do you or does anyone have a hint for finding a branch in Warsaw to visit, where I'm likely to find someone comfortable talking in English?


I would recommend as well Millenium, as you can see their website is perfetly translated, no complicated paperwork like a proof of adress, no fee (granted that you have at least 1000zl transfered on the account per month). I am for now satisfied. Only disapointment is the rate they use when I transfer money from France to Poland, which is clearly not in my favor.

For all my formalities I go to the office in Klif Dom Mody (on Okopowa), 2 of the employees speak correct English.

Good luck

Hi Margaux,
I'm in the same situation, I want to transfer money from Saudi Arabia to Poland.
I'm thinking of opening an account in foreign currency (USD) and then after the transfer to this account, I will withdraw the dollars and exchange them from outside.
Did you try this way.

Hi, no I did not try that because I did not want to engage in too much paperwork (I will only stay a year and a half, 2 max) and because most of my salary stays in France anyway.

But for greater amount of money why not.

I am not sure though that counting the fees of conversion from riyal to dollars then dollar to zloty in your case you would find a better rate then a direct transfer to a Polish account. (Granted that you can negotiate with your bank in Soudi arabia not to apply fee on the transfer)

Thanks for the spot on reply, Margaux, especially for a specific branch to visit.  That's my best hope thus far in this mini-quest for a sane banking experience.

The conversion fee from Riyal to Dollar is very tiny, so does the transfer fee. But, Millennium Bank will only charge me half percent of the received transfer.
Good luck

Short off-topic on money transfer & currency conversion.
Usually exchange rates from banks are a rip-off. I would rather an on-line kantor like
Feel free to google others with better rates.

Hi! I've used Millenium bank for 3 years now and I'm very happy with it. They have lots of offices all around the city and quite cheap prices.

Thanks, Rupali.  I'm going to visit them.  Do you have a favored branch (when you need to do something like open or make changes to an account)?

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