Suggested banks for expats? Any digital banking?

Dear friends,

I have just moved to Poland.

I am looking for a bank/or digital banking which doesn't charge for the monthly fee for the ATM card and account (Usage of the ATM card and account).

Also they should have good english website and tele customer service.

What do you recommend?

Thank you in advance.


I use Millennium Bank and I really like it. They have the application for mobile, most of the employes that I met spoke english and some of their office are open until 9 in the evening (like the ones in Marriot Hotel or Wola Park). Also the 360° bank account is completely free of fees.

Pekao SA is a good option. I m expat nad have been with 15 yeras in Poland. All the web sites and mobile apps are in English. Try and open a VIP account and its free for PLN account. Cash withdrawal is free so long as you use Pekao machines.
They do charge small fee for a € currency account (0.80€ monthly).
Bank is very helpful and you will find someone who speaks English in most main brnaches

I can recommend Millennium and ING, I've got posistive experiences with both - branches, staff and e-banking. They do charge a (very) small monthly fee for a current account though. I guess it's standard in PL...

As far as I can see all banks in Poland are more or less the same in terms of services and portfolio (e.g. investments, etc...). I am happy with one mentioned previously.
Some friend is happy with GetIn bank because they (should) have an internet banking in English.

I don't feel I can reccommend PKO: an "unfortunate" series of events and I was without credit card for more than two months. In their clerk' s word, it was my mistake because if I go to the branch to communicate a new mail address, I should mention it should be used also for the Visa. (If you were curious, I just burst laughing at his face when he told me so...).

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