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Hi I am Higher Energy I am from Jamaica and my wife is from the Usa we  seeking a good lawyer as my wife and I case are a bit complicated . Our desire is to move to Peru as rentistas indefinitely we have been searching around online but seem to be getting no where does anyone know a decent lawyer we can work with. Thanks in advance

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I think that under the new law a rentista visa is classified as a temporary visa, under which you can only stay in the country for two years.    During the two years you have to apply for a resident visa if you want to remain in Peru.   Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the regulations to be published which tell us what is needed to apply for a resident visa.   I think these are matters which you should ask the lawyer that you choose.

My previous answer is now out of date.    A new law was decreed this week which changed things.   A Rentista Visa is now considered a permanent visa instead of a temporary visa.   The Minister of Interior is to publish regulations for the new law by March 1st.

Indeed, here's an excerpt from a recent newspaper article: "Sevilla Echevarría añadió que, en el caso de los rentistas o jubilados foráneos, la norma les facilitará gozar de sus ingresos en el Perú, eliminando la presentación de numerosos requisitos y procedimientos." (Translation: "Sevilla Echevarría added that in the case of retirees or pensioners from abroad, the law will make it easier for them to enjoy their income in Peru, eliminating many prerequisites and procedures."

So things should become easier, which can only be good news if it's true.

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