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And i just want to ask if there is any vocational training school which i could get any training certification for teaching in pp

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My impression is you can get online for about 250.00 , but I put on decent cloths , long pants button up shirt and was offered two jobs stopped at three school , never taught a day in my life I was in hotel busisines , It's a sad fact of life here they like whiter more western looking native English teachers for they students parents , drives me nuts , " although I'm white and appear to be Christian" little joke I use in USA for racist , groups which I now see is not limited to only USA , but TEFL degree is easy to get online for 200-350$ so I'm thinking you will have a easy time finding work teaching , I just graduated from highschool and they did ask for a cv, but , really kind of told me I could have a job , so I would be hopeful for sure , but I understand Vietnam and Thailand like that TEFL degree , it's 120 hour online course , that I hear is pretty easy , but I've only been living here , 6 months so I'm no expert , and never taught a day in my life . So just my thoughts , but better not rely on only my advice , I have noticed there are some pretty sharp people on this site see what they have to say ? Good luck enjoy the new culture over all Cambodians seem to be a happy group of people!

You want a TEFL or TESOL certificate for teaching ESL.  You can go to EDI and study there for 3 months and get there 120 hour certificate.  I forgot the price for the class, but you can google search it.  (EDI TESOL training program).    Good luck again Cathy.  By the way I'm San.  Bye

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