I'm looking forward to stay in germany for couple of years

I am the student of social work in my homeland...I've passed my bachelor level of studies in social work...Rightnow i am aupair here in Bavaria, Germany. As aupair program is only for 1year, i'm looking forward to stay in germany for couple of years... I am not thinking about joining universities for that... what would be the better suggestions??? I would be really thankful for whoever gives the proper suggestions...

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As far as I know, entry requirements for German nursing schools are just basic schooling and sufficient German language skills., but please confirm this (and ask about the application procedure) at a nursing school of your choice.
Please also note that during the three years Ausbildung you get paid very little, which might not cover all your living costs (and you will not have time, neither are you allowed to do side jobs).

I speak in German language with my host family members...By the end of my aupair year i'll be completing B1 level of German courses... So i think it's good enough to communicate with the people around... thank yuh for clearing me up about the language queries... Another thing that i wanted to know is for extending our visa in ausbildung what are the process??? I've heard that the institution/organization where we've applied for ausbilding help us extending our visa after our application is accepted... Is it true??? Sorry to bother yuh but i really needed information about all these before i get in trouble at the very end of my visa validity...

B1 is probably enough to enter nursing school.
You should ask the Auslaenderamt about extending your visa, and the nursing school about available help with the formalities.

Thank yuh so very much... It really means alot to me... I'll be working out for all these process soon... Thanks for ur suggestions once again... 😊

I'm totally confused about this thread. I can't really follow the bad English about what is really being asked. Lionize has a degree in Social Work and is now working as an au pair and wants to stay longer in Germany but do what exactly? And Beppi refers to nursing but I see no mention of it in Lionize's posts. I always heard that there were special conditions to getting to work as an au pair that excludes staying longer to study or do other work. Also, on Lionize’s profile it’s written that they speak Indian. No such language although there are many languages native to India. Maybe some clarification and more precision about the situation and intent will allow better answers and advice…

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