Cellphone rental?

Hey there. My GF and I are going on a 2 week vacation to southern France. Does any one know if we can rent a cellphone? Is there a pre-paid carrier at the airport?

Hi English2Francais,

You will be in which town/region please ? It will be easier then to guide you.


We're going to spend 4 days in Provence, around Aix-en-Provence exactly. Then we're heading to Corsica for the remaining 10 days, starting in Bastia, going through Balagna and Nebbiu where my family's from and end up in my hometown of Aiacciu.

Hi Again English2Francais,

Have a look here > … obile=true

and here … solutions/

I bought a pre-paid sim card when i first arrived in France free of engagement ( normally the shops - sfr,orange and so on can be easily found in shopping malls) but i already had the phone. It did cost me more than a package though (data recharge + call which you can buy in any tabac/hypermarket/supermarket)


Thanks Bhavna. I also posted in the French speaking forum and got similar info. I won't be spending time in any big city, so if I find one of these in a local bar/smoke shop, fine. Otherwise I'll go old school and stop at the bar for a cold one down the mountain from my family's village in Corsica and call my cousins from there before heading up there. That's really the only time I'll need one. I don't mind going off the grid while on vacations!  :)

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