looking for an employer willing to sponsor my application in Canada.

Good day,

I am Nikko Durog, i live here in Saudi Arbia as an construction skill worker (plumber), contractual.
I've dream to work in Canada to have better salary to support my kids needs. I am searching for a good employer willing to sponsor me for my application, Even the expenses will be deducted to my salary if i am lucky, will be hired.

I grow up in a farm, that's way i am used for any hard works that will be given to me.

Hoping for any good employer that will be interested to help and sponsor me.

God blessed to whom who read this message of mine.

Hello Nikko Durog :cheers:

Try your luck with a registered immigration consultant or job placement agency to increase your chances to find work there :

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but my problem is i have no money to pay for any transaction, that's why i post that message.

but thank you for your advice...

good day and god bless...


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