Overstayed for 2 years in Istanbul. What to do to be legal?

im from philippines and i over stayed my visit visa in istanbul for 2 years. i dont want to go back in my country,it will cost me a lot of money. is there anythinf i can do to be legal here in turkey or to exit in near country to change visa. please help

Nothing. You have 2 weeks of grace period to exit from country and pay a nominal fine at the airport. If you overstay for 2 weeks it will cost you around 200TL. Never take a chance to overstay more than 2 weeks; it can be fined heavily as well as you can be banned for a longer period.

I would have to agree with the previous comment.  It is FAR too late to be concerned with being "legal".  At the least, you can expect a severe fine, and a re-entry ban.  You flouted your visa, expect the consequences now, including going back to your country.

reply me in my private mail better if possible...

It is best to turn yourself in. If there is a Philippines consulate in Istanbul you should arrange to turn yourself in with them. You will still have to leave the country, but at least you won't be arrested and put in jail if you are caught. There is more information about this here. … ey/banned/

As suggested by Sjkhattak, Romaniac and Ivan, there is no 'legal' way other than returning to your country.

I would highly discourage you from taking up offers from individuals offering 'private contacts'. That will lead only to trouble. Good luck


Any reason why this individual should contact you in private? What is the legal solution that you cannot share on the open forum??

clamorphine :

reply me in my private mail better if possible...

I overstayed for 2months I had to go back home and come bwck the whole process costed almost 6000tl ... but they charged me 440tl at the airport ... but for 2 momths for you clearly you will be banned sorry to say the truth but trust I tried not to go and find another solution. But there is non. So u gata be ready for exiting for good or staying for good.

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