What will happen to me if I overstay my visa?

Hi Everyone:

I am Sonya from Taiwan. I am going to stay in Turkey for non-employment company visit from March 23 to May 28(67 days in total). However, I just got a 60-day visa from the Turkish Trade Office in Taiwan and was asked to apply for residence permit at the Alien's Branch of Local Police Department for my stay.

Therefore, I made an appointment on this website yesterday.
However, the earliest date I could get was May 30. Which means I will overstay my visa for 7 days.

Is there anything else I can to get the residence permit?
What will happen to me if I overstay my visa for 7 days?

Hello Sonya,

You set up your appointment too early. You need to do it after you entered the country.
Ok, here is a clue to you. Please, read announcement which pops up on the website and all announcements on that page.

Are you trying to extend your visa for touristic reasons? Then it would be better to set up an appointment 15 days before your visa expires. The day of application for the appointment is the day when you actual residence permit's issue day validation begins, from that day you count whatever month or days your apply for. You can stay in the country before your interview even if your visa expires, as far as you scheduled the appointment you are ok in the country . So don't worry about it.
What you need to do now is when you will arrive you will have to go to the immigration police and cancel your appointment in person. Then apply again 15-20 days before the visa expiration, that way you would be able to stay in the country longer.

Good luck

Hi Wilddancer:

Thank you so much for helping me. You are right.I want to extend my visa for my trip after company visit. I was asked by the Trade Office in Taiwan to apply for it within 30 days upon my arrival. Therefore, I'd better go to the Local Police Department upon my arrival to cancel the reservation and make a new appointment online.

Would there be any problems like fine at the airport if I leave Turkey without residence permit (before the residence permit interview) after my visa expires? 

Thanks again!!!

It seems you are having fun here you dont wanna leave this country hehe...
I think you will pay a fine for each day

Dear Sonya

As long as you have made an appointment with Emniyet Müdürlüğü, you'll be ok.

For those who have tried to help...

Thank you so much for the information. I appreciate it!!!!!!
I will let you know how it goes and I hope it can be helpful for other people in a similar situation.

I thought there is a new law, that one can stay for ninety  ( 90 ) days. Look up the new rules and regulations on the immigration turkish web-site.

Well i can tell you that my visa ended last september and i got an appointment the last february so i overstayed 5 months without visa and i got my residence permit nothing happens as long as you apply once you are here and before that your residence permit expire .

But I should remind that if you leave over-stayed you have to pay the fine at airport. They count per days overstayed . If you leave without paying they ban you for 5 years.

you will pay a fine at the airport on departure. get there early;-)

Cancel it restart it ...I just did one now and it gave me closer date 19/03/2013 and 20/03/2013 . It might be system error when did that. Re do it now.

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