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İ am a pakistani Who also has turkish nationality, i am thinking to visit pakistan in next few months, i recently check that pakistan donot allow dual nationality with turkey. So the questions is will i face any issue on pakistan airport? Are there any others with pak turk dual nationality how you visit pak and return back do you face any issues? Which pasaport you show on both  sides. İ dont want to get visa every time i visit pak neither i want to surrender my pak nationality.

So if any of in same boat as me please explain your experience.

Don't have Turkish nationality but another one which is not accepted by Pakistan - same case as yours.

You need to enter and exit Pakistan on Pakistani passport i.e. at immigration counters entry and exit stamp needs to be on Pakistan passport (don't show Turkish passport).  The only place you will need to show your Turkish passport, when leaving Pakistan, is at the airline counter (they check if you have a visa) or at the immigration check after clearing passport control before going to boarding gates (one guy checks if your documents are valid i.e. not forged etc and you have a visa) - your Pakistani passport would have been stamped already by then.  At both of these places they don't usually care. 

Sometimes (rarely), they may ask to see your visa at passport control itself in which case you have to show the Turkish passport but see the point on renunciation of nationality below - you can always say that you are applying for renunciation at the Pakistan Embassy in Turkey (they can't do anything at the counter and they won't bring it up even unless it is to extort some money :) ).

And as far as I know, you theoretically have to renounce nationality which is a long and convoluted process.  Without following that process, your passport cannot be surrendered or taken.

See the process (scroll down):
Even at Embassies, the process is complicated: … tizenship/

P.S. In my case, I am based in Bahrain and travel internationally only from Bahrain or Saudi or UAE.  From Pakistan, I only ever come back to Bahrain.  So I only show the Pakistan passport with the Bahrain residency and never take out the other one.

P.S #2: If you are really worried about this; an easier way would be to travel through Dubai.  Apply for a Dubai visit or tourist visa on Pakistan passport.  On way back, show you are travelling to Dubai only.  Adjust flights accordingly.  Expensive and time consuming but no chance for any issue whatsoever.

Hi ,

Thanks for your brief explanation , i really appreciate it.
i choose the first way, in short

1. show your pak passport every where unless they asked you about visa ,
2. when they ask about visa show your Turkish passport or Turkish ID card.

Thanks again.

So did you do your trip and how did it go?


I want to know that currently, i am working in Dubai UAE,

i am planning to move you Turkey soon how can i for a TRP and later on what business i can start to survive.

Responded to your private message.  Post in a new thread on the Turkey forums - I am not an expert on Turkey.

From my knowledge, getting a permit to stay in Turkey is not a big deal.  You arrive, fulfil formalities and get it done.  Costs though.

Passport is a longer affair which requires around 5 years of stay after residence OR investment (a lot of money i.e. $1 mn and above) which in my opinion is not worth it as the passport is not good for visa free travel - UK/Schengen not visa free.  You can get passports for 1/4th the cost of Turkey which allow you visa free to the UK/Schengen and more countries besides.  Of course, if your desire is to only live in Turkey then yeah sure.

Hi brother

I have the same situation I do have dual citizenship I have Cypriot passport and Pakistani citizenship I have informed that I can not keep both at same time cyprus allows dual but Pakistan doesn’t.

Please I want to travel now Pakistan I dnt want to take visa on Cypriot passport plz help me how I can go and come from Pakistan I dnt have Nicop only option I have to enter and exit on Pakistan passport and show them Cypriot I’d plz help me in this matter would appreciate

How did they find out that you have a Cyprus passport?  did you get it through the citizenship by investment route and they informed Pakistan government?

You would only have an issue in that case.   Otherwise even if the Pakistan government sees your Cyprus passport, it doesn't matter because they can't take your nationality just like that - you HAVE to renounce it which is a long process.   And the government doesn't have the time to chase after you.  They would only do that if the Cyprus government has notified them of you receiving nationality and since that enters official channels, they take action.  But I would doubt it as except Malta, no CIP program does disclosures like that.

You should enter and exit on Pakistan passport and show them the Cyprus ID BUT on the way back only.  The other alternative is that you can apply for NICOP which by the way is very easy and can be done online.  On urgent, you get it within a week.

Do that here:

Thanks for your reply .

I have got through registration meant my spouse is from Cyprus.

Regarding Nicop I don’t have time now because I have already booked my flight I have just 2 weeks.

The only last choice I have to enter in Pakistan through Pakistani passport and exit as well and can present Cyprus I’d .

I would like to confirm have you used the same way by using Turkish passport .

It’s really strange and I feel to be discriminated that Pakistani National from Uk USA can hold dual nationality but we are not law should be same for every one the way they love same way we also .

But please just informed have u used ur Pakistani passport enter and exit in Pakistan and your Turkish I’d on departure.


If you read the whole thread carefully from the top, you would know that I don't have a Turkish nationality but another one.  And as I mentioned, I am a resident of Bahrain so when I enter and exit from Pakistan, I only give my Pakistan passport.  The Bahrain residence stamp is in the Pakistan passport so no need to show them my other passport at all.   And I don't travel from Pakistan to anywhere else like UK or schengen - I go from Bahrain or Dubai.  So it doesn't apply to me - the only people who see my other passport are airline check-in staff at counters or the staff who check eligibility of documents before boarding at Bahrain.

Again, as I said, you can get NICOP on urgent basis in ONE week.  You have plenty of time before your flight.

Also, again, if you read the thread, I have clearly answered that even if you travel on Pakistan passport and show Cyprus passport - they will NOT take back the Pakistan passport or create issues as YOU, yourself have to renounce nationality.   Even if dual is not allowed, your nationality doesn't get stripped like it would in, say, Bahrain or Saudi.

Thanks ,

First of all I am trying to apply Nicop on this weekend according law I am not allowed to use Nicop if I have dual citizenship from the country Pakistan has no agreement .

I have confirmed from Pakistan embassy they are just emphasising I must surrender or take a visa to go Pakistan which is to complicated.

Nicop is for dual citizenship countries where Pakistan has agreement.

Poc is for dual national where Pakistan doesn’t have agreement. 

So better I used Pakistan passport to enter and exit from Pakistan and used my cyprus id .

Yes it's better. 

That is what I am saying.  Unless you make it official, no one will find out or care.  At the airport, they don't take your Pakistan passport away even if you show some other passport.  They ask you to renounce but if you don't, they don't strip or chase you.  Not that advanced yet :)

So don't give any details to the Pakistan Embassy - you will make it worse for yourself.


For your moral help brother

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