Hello! Im new here to Expat... Looking for sailing opportunies

I am from the United States. I am a mid 30's female who loves to travel.. I've been to India for yoga, Brazil for Shamanic practices, Japan for Buddhist exposure, & to British Columbia for straight up rugged fun on 4-wheelers... See my post below about my story. I am looking for crew opportunities in the Mediterranean to further my experience in this area. I'd also love to hear if you know of any good sailing schools for STCW or USCG-6 certifications. I currently have the ASA 101/103 certification. My professional resume is below as well. Please feel free to contact me. … amp;type=3

You should try and make contact  with someone  in Porto Montenegro  .there are lots of sailing  from this location

I don't have any names of people but it would be worth you time to visit and you might ask around

I am not sure  of  if Porto Montenegro  have anything on there website for sailing but I would recommend  a visit and i am sure you will  find  a opportunity.

you can ask here:

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