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Hi and Greetings
I am in Central America and looking to move to Belize where I can build a small earthbag house on at least 1/2 acre or more of fertile, high land.  Please feel free to contact me if only to chat about Belizan life. 
I am a holistic doctor (is that safe to say these days).  I am also an artist and a newbie at building earthbag buildings.  I am also looking to rent a small house until I am situated there.  My budget is under 300/ month.  I have a small cat family that I rescued. They have all their shots etc.
I look forward to sharing and learning.

Good Morning, earth bag in this environment? I live on a budget myself, and I don't see anyway you could make it on $300. Just to stay in Belize is going to cost you $50bzd a month. How do you plan to store food? You may serve yourself well by contacting the Mennonites? You are in CA now, and living on $300 a month? Just where may that be?

Hello, I just traveled to Belize and found both the country and the people very warm and inviting. I have considered other countries such as Panama, Ecuador and Uruguay. Thus far I've only experienced Belize but am interested in getting a better understanding about how a holistic doctor can make a living in Belize. I also have a M.D. degree but I have found the holistic approach to better medical health much more attractive.
If you have any advice to help me gain a better understanding in this area would be much appreciated.

I am guessing that all health field work requires community.  Finding a community where there is a desire for natural health care not just a need is good way to begin your outreach.  I am just getting my feet wet so to speak (getting to know people, places, customs).  As I said I am new too.  What areas of holistic medicine interest you and which areas do you intend to practice?

Good Morning, check out Hillside clinic outside of Punta Gorda. They have a web site.
Also the Mennonites have holistic practioners.

Is 300 your total living budget or just for rental, I have a cabin that I could do for US$275 a month when are you intending to move ?

Within the next 45 days.  275 for rental sounds fine.  Any photos of the cabin?  Depending on distance of food market, I gather for a month's worth of groceries, 200  should do.

Hey! I'm into Earthbag too, and I think it will do well here! There is a new place at the junction of the southern highway and the road to Hopkins making compressed earth blocks. They have the cool machine thingy.

I'm also a Reiki Master. Don't yet have my work permit, so I'm not practicing but will start soon. We also sell homebrew supplies (for beer), and I'm trying to perfect a probiotic soda recipe and sell that as well. We also make and sell ice cream, smoothies, wi-fi, and coffee drinks. So, yeah, multiple streams is good. My husband does online stuff based in the US as well. Our big project is to open a small micro brewery. Still trying to fully fund that one.

In any case, I think you can do well as a natural practitioner here. Many Belizeans are naturally suspicious of MDs and modern medicine. And I don't know if you sell your art or just like to create, but my daughter sells her stuff online.

Feel free to contact me if you like. We live in Monkey River right now, but we may be moving to Maya Center. Nathan and I are 35 and 41, and we have 4 kids - 18 (in the US), 14, 4, and 2. We also have a dog and a cat. Hope your transition here is smooth!

San Ignacio market one of the best in the country is a fifteen minute walk, or 5bz for a taxi, we go every Saturday morning so you can always hop in with us, do you have an email I can send pictures to and a rough idea how long you will want to stop in the cabin. You can also look at Airbnb for hummingbird rest, as that is the unit I am referring to, it will be free from October if that suits


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