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Husband and I are coming to Corozal end of January - beginning of February to inspect some land.  We are curious as to whether there is an expat group or individuals willing to meet with us to give us advice, ins and outs of living in Belize?

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Son and I were in Corozal last yr, for the same purpose. To extend our enjoyment funds we stayed with Gwyne ( Welsh expat)at the SeaBreeze Hotel. Its a low budget hotel and can be found online,but the conversations around the bar will give you a good insiders look at the community. Cab fares are not standard like MX. so agree to a price before you climb into the cab. The ADO buses ( from Cancun Intl MX )now drive stright into Belize and may be the cheapest way into Corozal. The city centre is the clock tower park and you will find the city hall and banks there. The land titles office is an old house between two parks on the water front. Hope this helps!!!

Americans living in Colorado presently will be in Belize in Feb hopeing to find expats with witch to get some feed back about moving thier. our interest are (SCUBA ,HARLEYS)sailing . .Anyone out thier that we can relate to have drink and give us some idias on where to LAND

Corozal is a very friendly town with lots of expats living in and around the town.  There are those who live in town, a lot of them are on and around Bayshore Drive aka Gringo lane :), then there is a group who living in town it's self.  Then there is another group out at Consejo (7 miles from town along the coast), living in Consejo Shores (gated community) next door is Mayan Seaside another gated community.  Everyone seems to get a long for the most part.  There are few "clicks" and everyone gets along very well.  Always lots of functions as people love to visit and to receive visitors.
There is an expat luncheon the second Tuesday of every month in Corozal at the Purple Toucan on 4th street.  More info can be found on this forum

I've noticed a remarkable lack of postings more recent than 2012...why?  Did people lose interest once they made the recon to Belize?

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Well maybe the member got the answers to her questions  ;)

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Just curious why the lack of interest reflected in the lack of postings.  Is there some reason why this topic is not popular.  I would think that such a wonderful place would generate a lot of "buzz" :D

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