Visa transfer

I'm currently staying and studying in Oman on family visa, which will expire soon. I am 21 so can't renew the same visa. Therefore, I'm applying for a student visa which I will get. My question is, What is the cancellation process for this transfer. From family visa to Study Visa. Will I have to go back to Pakistan?

Is there no one to reply?

Hi Khalid Imtiaz,

As per the law of the land, no visa transfers are allowed. The expatriate must necessarily exit the country and return - after a certain wait period has been completed.

But I do see some posts on and off claiming that their visa have been transferred. When asked to clarify, I have not received any responses.

If in case, you do get to transfer your visa, without exiting the country, please do remember to make a mention of that here.

Yes, In my case, I don't need to exit the country in order to transfer my visa.

Hi Khalid Imtiaz,

How did that happen ? Did any PRO help you with the visa transfer - like for instance, did you college assist you with it ?

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