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Speak for yourself. I do not recall ever personally violating anyone's rights. I'm getting a really strong "USA'r" hater vibe here. Including some awkwardly over the top self deprecation from a fellow "North" American. I can sorta see what is going on here. There are those who enjoy a good gang-up beat-down. It seems a target was placed on my back and I'm "it" now. Try as you may to make me out to be "U.S.A. Incarnate"...I am not.  I'm not the flag waving patriotic zealot you are all looking for. So please find a more suitable scapegoat. My intentions are pure. My God, seriously! Who, other than pedophiles, would express disdain for another's efforts to protect children from pedophiles?? Ok, now I know. This has become rather surreal.

Oh Kabe , don't take this stuff personal ,the world has a strong anti American vibe , this is just a forum where , anyone can spout off , I would try to enjoy Cambodia , leave politics alone as a fellow American we are last one who know world politics , just enjoy your real freedom in Cambodia , plenty of opportunities to help out and have fun , but if you start anything positive about USA , especially with our , and I say our being a fellow USA citizen I too take responsibility , our track record here in southeast  Asia , you can expect criticism , we have earned it !

Ya know something though? Whether you wish to concerned or not, you guys are just A'REARIN' to play "pounce on the patriot." Problem is, I'm not the "patriot" you seek. Do you know how utterly frustrating it is to get mauled by people whom you agree almost entirely with, but who have their mouths set so firmly for war with someone whom they perceive as being...close enough, that relatively anyone is fair game? I'm exhausted!

I get that. Bottom line though is I'm not going on vacation. I am going to fulfill my purpose. Mortal men cannot undo with a few negative words, what God has ordained for my life. Forget about being N. American. What kind of Christian would I be if this small opposition could turn me?

Granted, we all could use a bit of encouragement, but many great and difficult tasks have been accomplished in the face of nothing but discouragement. And afterall, it is to be expected. The greater the calling, the more vigorous the opposition. So, I must be on the right track.

Yes gabe a good attitude is everything , whatever your path , nothing but best wishes from me , I've had a tough couple of years , with unwanted divorce, so I am certainly not down on you, I'm in your corner , help out fulfill this only life we have , good luck , best of wishes , and keep up with forum m it's a place to vent but also some great advice !

Well bless my soul! Thanks TG. I will take that and run with it.

Guys slightly off the topic how much would a local beer cost in a bar?

$0.50 happy hour
$1 other times

Some bars have very long happy hours, so find it and save.

Or just find a nice bar, no matter what they charge.

Thanks Joe.. pair of Levi's or Nikes?

Johnfin :

Thanks Joe.. pair of Levi's or Nikes?

Any, as long as it's my size :)

Lol  :D roughly how much a pair?

Bwaahaha! Yeah sure! Thanks! Lol!

Can't get them here, have to get them in Thailand :(

If you want real nike and levis theyll cost you. You can grab some levis for around $60 and real nikes will cost you $70- $200 depending on what you want.
I bought the kids i sponsor some jeans and the khmer market for $9 a pair and some nike copies for $14 a pair and they really don't look that bad.
If you shop at an upscale store at aeon or even at sovanna or sorya malls they want to charge you $30 for some poor quailty junk that i wouldnt pay $5 for.
I just shop in kuala lumpur or bangkok or back home in the states so i really dont buy clothes or shoes here for myself.
Hope that gives you an idea on the prices you asked about.

Oh, sorry i should have told you where you can get them. The original levi store is on the ground floor at aeon mall. The nike store is on monivong bkk 1.

Thanks, I knew that. I have been strolling PP for sport shoes, I'm not a brand follower but need sport shoes (trainers).

I have not been able to get sport shoes in my size (Eur 46 or US 11 or 12) but there is no problem to get them in my size in Bangkok or even Udonthani. Once a year Itravel to Thailand (I still have a house there) and shop for shoes, shirts, tailormade button shirts and so on.

No problem for me, a matter of time before Cambodian shops realize that foreigners have larger feet.

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