Ordering a Cellphone and having it shipped to a Cambodian PO Box

As the title states.... I'd like to get some feedback on what everyone thinks about this. I have come across articles that state that the postal worker will ask for you to open the package and then charge you taxes on electronics. I went to and found several Huawei Devices for less than what they would cost at AEON Mall. Has anyone here had a mobile phone shipped to a PO Box in Cambodia. I wouldn't think it would draw a lot of attention since the box will be small. A laptop on the other hand is a lot bigger. Advice please?

My advice: buy at Aeon mall.

You will have to pay I think 25% of import taxes if you have it sent from abroad, if it arrives at all....

Customs and postal services are allowed to open your package, so a number of people will know there is a (highly desired) smart phone in it. Possibly it "gets lost" or the package arrives empty.

On top many sellers abroad refuse to send goods to Cambodia, always check first if Cambodia is on the list of countries that can receive goods from that seller.

All in one: go to any shopping mall, use your eyes and ears and buy a nice phone directly from there.

There's a seller that ships using DHL is that better?

If they bring it to their office in PP for pick-up it sounds ok.

You will then have to pay income tax and VAT to the DHL office.

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