need to play football for the weekend

hello guys
i just need to play football and meet new people
little help pls :D

Hello Ethen Hant :cheers:

Welcome to

You could drop an advert in the sport partners in Doha section of the site to reach out to other members subscribed and looking for sports leisures.


Yeah i want to play too, contact me

hey i want to play,too :)

even me want to play... i'm free friday and saturday evening.

I play football on Saturday afternoons at 4pm and again on Sunday evenings at 7pm.

If you want to join either of my sessions then please send me a message :-)


Hi yeah I want to play.. please tell me the location

Al Sadd Sports Club - I can send you a message ***

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Wouldn't mind playing. Am a fanatic and once has an amateur club but was disbanded due to time schedule of players.

Hi. Do you still play? Can I join? How many a side? By the way I'm average and looking to play for fun. Thanks.



I am Kashif. Count me in as well if you guys are still playing.


i have a team, if u r ready, we can make a tournment guys !!

Hi all,
Please , i need a team to play football ⚽️?
Any help?


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