Table tennis player needed

I have been here for about 4 months now. Searched for table tennis place and all what I found is just the bowling center. However, players aren't as several as expected. So if anyone is interested to join so we can practice together, it will be great.

Hi Mohamedomar,

To get your message across effectively, i also think that you should your request in the classifieds > Sport partners in Doha as well. ;)

Since when you play tennis please? Have you ever participate in some competition?

Have a nice day,

Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi Priscilla,

Thanks for your reply. Actually no, I play as an amateur. Just love the game. If you play we can practice together. It will be great to practice with someone as here seems impossible to have a continuous practice.


Hello Mohamed

Im intersted to join u

I am a good player of table tennis too. So I can challenge you guys ;)

Hey, even I am seriously looking for someone and a place to play table tennis. I am crazy about this game and my style is shakehand offensive topspin. How can i contact you.

I m a good player of table tennis. We csn play it in qatar bowling center. I can challenge u all. I can be reached at 33201268

count me in. just tell me where and when? :)


Hi! i love after 7pm and on fridays

best regards


I too am interested in table tennis. I am free everyday after 4pm.


who will Initiate play...just let me know if any one intrested to play..
my no is 33211053..

I'm in, not a Pro but a very good TT player


Hey!! i used to play TT in college days, I am not a professional but love this game, let me know your schedule.

Assalam.....dear Omer    h r u ...yes   am here to be ur game partner of table what  type of place u find....what u had prepared for game  ...pls share the update....
waiting reply
good bye

I'm planning on moving over to Doha from early November and would love to join you guys, nothing professional, just an amateur

here is my number if you guys want to hook me up, i would like that very much


I'm ready to join you.
You can reach me at xxx
Just an amateur.


I am Vikas. Hi, Recently came in doha. My mobile no is xxx.  I am also looking for table tennis player.

Hi I'm from Korea. I love playing Table Tennis and I'm a good player too. Can I join? You can reach me xxx thanks

You Are welcome In Qatar
actually i like to play Football , if you are interested let me know .
my contact Number xxx Fadhel


I'm looking to play TT. Have you found anyone to play with?



I have been here for about one year and looking for a place and someone to play table tennis when I have free time. Glad to know your interests.

Am a good table tennis player,am in qatar now for 17 months and i have not trained.please where can i find a place to play.i can still be of help to any body who want to learn

Hi, am interested to know TT sports centre near old airport and need a TT player partner.

Anybody interested, pls contact me on [ Moderated by Priscilla : do not post your phone number here pls ]

Hi I am from Singapore and I played table tennis during college days. wldnt mind sparring with a few good players! would appreciate if i could find some. haha.

Hi Guys,
If you are still playing contact me**

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I have just moved from UK. I played regularly and would love to start playing here..
Let me know where and when

Hi I am also new here just 20 days back reached here.  Would like to play table tennis when and where we can decide.

welcome guys
send me your number in private or whatsapp me at *

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Hi sir , we can play table tennis at qatar bowling center ..i am an good player ...please let me know if we can play ...

I am ready to join u ...i am avearge good player of table tennis.pls contact me **

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hello, i am looking for TT place to play
i am free all evening to play

Please let me know I am interested

I am very interested to play table tennis. I believe I am good player of Table tennis because I used to play Inter-College in my country before. Actually I am passionate with this indoor game. But I could not find the Place equipped with Table Tennis Board in Public access areas. If anyone has any idea about it then I would like to join you guys. Please call me at 3** if there is any way. I will for sure come with my table tennis bat. Thank you. Manish

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Hi I am interested to play table tennis. I have been playing since 5 years

My son wants to improve and play table tennis if you are interested you can call us *** from October 2017


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