Overeaters Anonymous in Zagreb?

Hello, I'm Hattie. I'm german and currently living in Zagreb. I am a compulsive overeater in recovery and looking for people who want to help me start an OA group in Zagreb. I'm a member since 2 years.  Are there members willing to help or other eating disordered people seeking for help, please let me know.
Best regards, Hattie

Hi, I am not in Zagreb but maybe can help online somehow?  I too am having issues with overeating now and would like to find some help.

Hello,  thank you for contacting me.  I'm trying to find some fellows who are familiar with the 12step concept of overeaters anonymous.  I'm in recovery bit I miss my home meeting very much.  Are you attending a 12step group to get help with your issues?best regards,  Hattie

HI, I have never tried anything yet.  This is a new issue for me.  Can you point me in the right direction?  What should I look up?

Hi there,  you can try oa. org to see, if this might be something for you.  For me it was definetly a relief after 35years of eating  disorder.  I'm not familiar with expat. com right now,  but I think you can send me a private message as well if you want to remain in touch.  I'm on a trip to Dubrovnik right now and I'm back in Zagreb by the end of the week.  Take care

Hello Hattie!

Are you still in Zagreb? I have just started the twelve steps and while looking for OA members in Zagreb I found your post.  I am very interested in meeting up with you because I'm alone and I need some help. Hope I'll hear from you. Bye

Hello robiitoni!
Yes I am! Would be great to get some company. I raised a meeting at St. Blaze Parish in the city, but unfortunately I´m still alone. You can find meeting information on Facebook: OA Zagreb. I ´m abroad at the moment, but will be back on 17th of Oct. Please keep in touch!

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