job vacancy for Physiotherapist

I'm a Physiotherapist from kerala India. how can i get a job as same in Ecuador and what will be the salary. please reply me

Top tips....

1. Get fluent in español.

2. Have a signed contract -- endorsed by the EC Cancillería -- before moving to Ecuador or seeking a work visa.

3. Expect low pay if the employer is Ecuador-based.

4. Why would you move to the low-employment-prospects-for-foreigners country of Ecuador ?


Sorry ,I didn't get your 4 th point

The point is that Ecuador welcomes Expats who are investors and pensioned retirees.

The government and EC-based employers do not put out the welcome mat for non-Spanish-language job-seekers from other countries.  Ecuadorian nationals get preference over foreigners for all jobs for which the locals are qualified. 

Ecuador has experienced a series of economic crises since last year -- the horrific earthquake, the oil-price drop that ravaged the national budget, El Niño damage .. and resulting devastation to the real-estate and tourism industries. 

Before these crises, Ecuador was not looking to provide jobs to foreigners that could go to underemployed Ecuadorians.  It’s certainly not going to change that policy now.


Oh...k . Thanks for the info..  :(

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