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Hello everyone...
Planning to move to Holland. Just wanted to know what areas have most of the Indian or Punjabi community people in or near Amsterdam??? Have no idea about the city so all help would be much appreciated....Many thanks:)

Hi Pennyben; my gut reaction was that I've never seen any Indian/Punjabi areas in Holland (I could be wrong).  Indian's don't even register in the racial mix published on wikki, which suggests they make up less than 0.39% (which is the smallest single national denomination - Chinese) of a miscellaneous racial group which numbers only 6.5% of the whole population.  This link tells us that there are circa 32,000 Indians living in Holland overall, but doesn't tell us where they live.

I guess that explains why I've never seen any Indian/Punjabi areas, there aren't enough living here to develop into a community.  Maybe a search for a Dutch Indian group on Facebook may help?

Not sure if this helps answer your question, but I'm sure you'll have a great time in Holland; most people do. :)

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