New to Al khobar from Mississippi. Any expats around?

I have just arrived in Al Khubar from Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Looking to meet other expats and get the lay of the land and join in social networks.  Need to find an outlet with other expats and local hobbies.  Adventurous and outgoing.

Hi welcome to Al Khobar am British expat living in Al Khobar.

So how is the expat community?  Haven't seen many gatherings or events posted but have been here less than a week.  Does everyone just do their own thing?

I think everyone does their own thing I avnt seen or noticed much expat gatherings or anyone trying to invite if they got an event going on in their compounds

Ok, i quess the best thing to do is try to organize something and see what happens.  Thanks for the info

How did your organizing go mate? Anything in the pipeline?

Well you guys can add me in the group .
I'm from Dammam :)

How about a coffee gathering for starters :D

Hi Folks, Tariq this side, am new to Khobar as well, count me in!

welcome .. I hope that we can meet

I am also will arrive alkhober next week
I looking for new friends there

I am new to Al Khobar. I do not know a single person here and I would really like to meet people that speak English that I can understand LOL.

Hi welcome to KSA, unfortunately there are many people who are in similar situation to yourself who have found it difficult to meet people due to work and segregation. I've been living in Khobar and still not met anyone outside of my workplace. Am a British guy living in Khobar.

Hi I am from Cape Town and am located in Hofuf - not too far from you

My WhatsApp number is xxx if you guys want to meet up in Al Khobar.

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Hi guys,

Im a UK expat just arrived in Khobar, anyone up for a meetup?

Hi everyone,

@ Deano11, Have a look at the Events in Khobar section. You may create your own meetup or participate to the upcoming events.

All the best,

Hi there,

Many thanks :)

Hi guys would anyone mind me adding them to discuss life in khobar? I'm a British woman moving over in january on my own and I would like to know what life is like

I am a Saudi living in dammam 15 km from khobar
If you like to be a friends and feel free to ask

Note: my english is not 100% so select easy words😂😂😂

Hey Guys - been here about 20 days - house hunting and stuff - from Houston, give me shout and see if we can do something outdoor - start with a run maybe? BBQ ?

Give me a shout - Ashish

Hey - did you find a place yet? I have been looking for a while and am 100% confused!

hi everyone... any upcoming events or gathering... im also new here =D

Anyone up in November too ?
I am also new here in khobar i am an indian open minded guy, completely fucked up sometimes i think i have worst decision of coming here. And my roommate is dumbfck. Our thoughts are different can't even change the room. Anyway looking to like minded people. Anyone pls ping me i know everyone must be busy and getting time only on friday. But still i would like have decent friends. Looks like i have compromised my freedom by coming here

hi people
finding it tough in Al Khobar.  I feel it would be a popular event just to meet up for a coffee and chat but we could be on dodgy ground since we are non-related males and females.  Anyone know more about this side of things?  It would be just so awesome to meet up with expats. 

Really hope we can get together sooner or later so my faith in deciding to work in Saudi isn`t squashed flat!


I think u may ask female to hang out in Saudi Arabia and it's for sure you can't have male friend here. And there are places where u can hangout once u get female friends

Hi Gerry, we will be moving to AK sometime in February if that helps at all?
Are you there with family or just on your own?
We are a family of 6

home alone lol!

will be awesome to meet up.  Keep me in the pic. xx

I hope you guys plan something for Christmas/New Years Eve :)

Any suggestions ?

For x mad n new year eve lots of parties going on  in bahrian but here in khobar if u get some ting let me know as well

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