ARMS: Account holder or not?

Hello everyone. I wondered if you could help us. We are on the process of moving to a new house. The landlord has proposed two options re water and electricity as below and to be frank, I don't get it. Is it just a difference of the account holders name or is there a practical difference in the rates? or something?
Option 1: Name remains landlords. Fill in Form H and submit to ARMS.
Option 2: Account changed to us. Fill in Form F.

We are planning to stay there long-term, so does it make it better to go for option 2? Unfortunately I couldn't find on the ARMS website info on the difference between the two.

Your insights appreciated,

Either way, once the number of residents is registered the bill will be the same.
The difference may come in you having to lodge a deposit with them as the account holder if you chose option 2.

We have gone with option 1 both times with the two properties we have rented and the landlord has filled in his part of form H and taken it to ARMS himself, he then passes the original bill to us and we pay it online.


Like Ray said above, both are perfectly valid options.

One other thing to bear in mind, though, is that if you're indeed planning on remaining in the flat for long time then having everything on your name would potentially make things easier in case of any misunderstandings, etc.

You also won't have to bother your landlord with forwarding you the bills every month and rely on them to actually deliver them on time, pay them (unless you pay directly), etc.

But for a 1-2 year stay there's probably little point in going through the paperwork (first now, and again when you move out).

Go for option 1.

Option 2 entails paying a deposit of €466.00 to ARMS Ltd. for which you may have to fight long and hard to retrieve at the end of your contract.

Thank you greatly for the info and your opinions. It seems the only difference is the account holder, so I think we will go for option 1 and take it from there. Although it may be the landlord's secret wish that we take option 2 (less hassle for them I guess?).

Thanks again. It's always worth asking the great people here on this board!

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