family visa


my name ashi,
still working in oman, staying with may family. my doubt if i will go india for changing current designation and will come back same company , any problem will effect family visa, family visa have still validity , kindly assist

Hi Ashi123456,

If you are employed while still on a family status, then you are doing something illegal. As per the Ministry of Manpower rules, any person who is employed has to be on a proper 2-year employment visa only. And, should only be employed with the sponsor / company on whose name his employment contract has been issued.

Since you are still on family status, your employer who is utilising your services too knows that they are breaking the law and are employing you without any formal approval / authority required to hire you.

Try to formalise things before you land yourself in any sort of trouble because of the surprise Ministry of Manpower labour checks that happen quite regularly.

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